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For customers looking for fabulous deals on designer brands and home goods, created by long-time Canadian home décor retailer Beryl Kern and daughter Sandy Russell, who brings her wealth of overstock connections to the business. We use those connections to offer shoppers premium goods from many top department stores in the United States, as well as direct from designer factories.

Simply put, “the best product at the best prices”!

Why did we launch  Canadians, for the most part have been unable to purchase overstock online, or it simply hasn’t been economical due to high shipping costs.  We’re so excited to offer a customer-friendly shopping experience from St.Johns to Vancouver!


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Have a question or comment about  Are you a media outlet interested in learning about Beryl and Sandy’s story?  It truly is a story worth telling as customer demand in Canada gave them no choice but to offer Canadians the same overstock shopping experience that has been such a hit in their popular retail store, 24 hours a day and from the comfort of home.

Beryl and Sandra are available for interviews.

Contact Scott Russell to arrange an appropriate time.

A media kit to help tell this amazing story is also available upon request.