Shop Outlet Canada is truly a family business

Beryl Kern and daughter Sandra have operated one of Western Canada’s most successful and trusted furniture and home décor stores since the early seventies. A move to online retail was an obvious choice, and one that was prompted by a demand from customers for an exciting online retail website that allows Canadians from coast to coast to shop for an exciting array of home décor items.

We had no option but to give customers the chance to shop for our overstock online” says Beryl, a certified home decorator, who has for four decades earned the respect of many in the Canadian retail industry.

Along with Sandra, who has been importing designer overstock and clothing for years, Beryl and the Kern family are thrilled to offer Canadians a unique and safe online shopping experience.

Daughter Sandra’s connections with the overstock industry have been a key part of the company’s success. The business is all about connections, and she is a pioneer of importing authentic designer overstock brands into the Canadian marketplace, Sandra has worked with some of the top overstock companies in the United States, selling everything from designer clothing from such names as Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton to top designer bedding including brands such as Martha Stewart and Lacoste.

When we started bringing this into our store, the reaction was immediate and crazy,” says Sandra. “Our customers could hardly believe that they could buy designer names at such great prices. We also can’t wait to grow our Facebook following and have some thrilling promotions that we think will be a big hit with our loyal customer base.

It was literally an overnight sensation. When Kern’s Furniture decided to do their very first bedding overstock buy, that’s when everything changed. Bringing hundreds of designer bedding names into the store, customer reaction was immediate. Kern’s Furniture’s media was flooded with customer requests from across Canada, and the store had never been busier. From that demand the decision to go on line was a simple one and the beginning of  https://www.shopoutletcanada.com

For years, huge duties and shipping costs have made it difficult for Canadians to shop affordably online.

Shop Outlet Canada is the perfect solution for the Canadian online shopper and the Kerns family plan to have a leading marketplace for designer goods and home brands at some of the lowest prices online!

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